Could this be the Sydney’s best pizza?

I love Italian food. I love my pasta and I certainly love my pizza! And believe me in my life thus far I have eaten a lot of pizza (hence why the diet never works out).

If you’re looking for proper authentic Italian food then Pizzeria Da Alfredo in Sydney’s inner-western suburb of Glebe is a must! It serves wood fired pizza done the Italiano way- so don’t expect too many toppings or cheese. The owner originally from Naples has brought with him traditional Neapolitan recipes and uses traditional Italian ingredients in his food.

The menu isn’t too big and wasn’t too overwhelming with choices which is a great start in my opinion (too many choices too much confusion). Since I was here for the pizza I skipped the pasta (but I will be back!).  Now back to the pizza, the bonus about coming to this place is that the pizzas come in three sizes; 13inch, half a meter and a meter (I was truly in pizza heaven).

To begin your pizza journey, if you love garlic than for starters i’d recommend the garlic pizza that has freshly sliced garlic pieces, rosemary, sea salt and is drizzled with virgin olive oil. Seriously garlicky and seriously mouthwatering!

Prosciutto & Buffalo Mozzarella

Prosciutto & Buffalo Mozzarella at Pizzeria Da Alfredo, Glebe, Sydney, NSW.

We also ordered the Prosciutto e Bufala – because you need a break from the pizza,  or do you? The plate is a fairly decent size and is made up of is fresh Prosciutto Parma with Buffalo Mozzarella. So yummy!

For our pizza we tried the Diavola, on a thin pizza base it has hot salami (really spicy), parmesan, black olives, basil and San Marzano Tomato Fior Di Latte. It was spicy but if you love spicy this is the pizza to go for. Even if you don’t like spicy – it’s so good!

Too be honest I was so full from pizza that I didn’t get around to desert, but everything looked divine (insert drooling emoji).

Price wise this place isn’t too expensive, between two people and including a couple of beers we spent under $70 for the both of us, not bad for a night out at a little Italian restaurant. Money well spent I’d say.

I definitely recommend this place and I definitely will be back! Let’s put it this way the food was so divine that I only managed to take a photo of the prosciutto because I completely forgot to snap photos and went straight for the food (my stomach overtook my brain). The restaurant is busy so book ahead to make sure you get a table.

Restaurant details:

Pizzeria Da Alfredo

331 glebe point road, NSW, Sydney, 2037

(02) 8964 9612

Open : Tuesday to Sunday – 5pm -10pm. Closed Mondays.

Bon appetite, or I should say buon appetito!

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