The Apps you need have on your travel checklist.

Planning on travelling through Europe? Checklists are a must when you’re getting ready to jet set. But, what we may be forgetting – other than your toothbrush, is the apps that we should be downloading before we leave the house.

Yes, that’s right travel apps are just as important as your socks and undies. If you’re travelling through Europe or else where there are a few apps that will inevitably be handy for your travels. In this instance I’ll be focusing on Europe and the apps that really helped me get around.

I found that Visit a City and Trainline EU were two of my most important apps- apart from facebook and instagram.

Visit A City is a great app that provides you with different itineraries of things to see and do. The great thing about his app is that you can download the itinerary to use offline so you’re not chewing into your data usage and you can also edit start times and delete things you may not want to see-basically allowing you to then create your own itinerary based on the suggestions provided.

Another great thing about the app is that it also offers you a range of guided tours and day trips in and around the city you’re visiting that you can choose from and book through the app. It really couldn’t be anymore convenient!

I personally found this app really helpful when I was recently travelling through Europe and only had a limited number of days in a few cities.

If you’re travelling through Europe and you’re not flying to all your destinations, the next app that should be on your checklist should be Trainline EU. This app allows you to book trains to travel in between European countries and also trains within the country. The great thing is it gives you a few options so you can choose your seats and preferred class. It also will keep a record of them on the app and send you your tickets via email.

The obvious app to have is Trip Advisor. The app will give you real customer reviews and help you get the best out of your holiday whether its local or international. The great thing about the app is that reviews are current and the app covers everything from hotels to tour groups.

There’s a whole range of travel apps that are great to help you plan your trip and advise you on what sites to see, where to go, where to eat and where to stay. They are an essential part of your travel kit.

Happy Travels.


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